What is the Humanity WordPress theme?

The Website Operations team at the International Secretariat developed an maintains a theme for WordPress which can be easily set-up and re-purposed by website administrators and IT professionals.

The theme is free to use and includes most of the functionality you need to run a website.

If you have specific requirements that aren’t met by the theme, you can fund additional development on top of the theme. These new features can then be shared with anyone else using the theme.

This solution helps teams and sections which need to build or rebuild a site quickly and affordably while staying assured that the site’s quality meets industry user experience, information security and brand standards.

The project is designed to reduce the duplication of website development work across the movement and make it easier for website teams work collaboratively to create a product designed by and for human rights activists. It provides a thoroughly designed and tested product that contains Amnesty’s visual identity* in a CMS so that it can be easily used on a new website. * When used with the Amnesty Brand plugin.

Some examples of additional functionality that might be desired beyond the Humanity WordPress theme.

  • CRO, analytics or other tracking systems
  • CRM system integrations
  • Email marketing systems
  • Advocacy / petitions systems
  • Comments
  • Donations
  • User generated content or logins

New features should always be built in a child theme or in separate plugins to avoid breaking the website when updating.

Product Vision

For IS and Amnesty section webmasters of all abilities who require a website. The Humanity WordPress theme by default is a fastsecure and accessible as well as easy to usedeploy and extend by sections and IS teams.

Our product is built on Amnesty global standards which consider design, information security, quality assurance, hosting, development and content.

The Humanity theme and plugins facilitate the sharing of development and content across the movement and has no upfront costs to section users.

Key Features

Here is a list of some of the key features.

Here is a list of other theme related pages

Theme and Plugin Security  

Cure53 Pen Test Report

As well as continuity working with our internal IT and InfoSec teams, we are fortunate to have received a one-off pro bono white box penetration test on our theme and plugins from Cure53, a renowned information security organization.