Search feature

In order to fully enable search using the theme, create a “search” page, and assign it to the “Search Page” template. This is to allow the search URI to operate in the format /search/term/ rather than the WordPress default /?s=term.

On submission returns the query to the Search Results Template.

You can translate the name and URL of the page.

You will need to add the menu icon to the menu using the CSS class “search-menu-item”

You also need to set the search page in the read settings in the general settings page.

The standard WordPress search has now been extended to output a much better UX/UI. This also adds the ability to apply filters, to allow a user to filter their results by:

  • Content Type
  • Countries
  • Resource Types
  • Topics

Users can also sort their search results by:

  • Most Recent First
  • Oldest First
  • Title ascending
  • Title descending