Find out more about the theme’s templates by reading the below sections.

Default theme templates

  • Index Page – Your home page – more info
  • Standard Single Page – Your standard ever green pages with a side bar area – more info
  • Component Single Page – Your standard ever green pages without a side bar area – more info
  • News Index Blog Index Page – Your home page for you news or blog section – more info (NEW Page) – more info
  • Post Single – Your individual news or blog pages – more info
  • News – Archive – Content Type – Your category pages for your various content types – more info
  • Region, Subregion & Country Page – Your templates pages for regions, subregions & countries – more info
  • Search Results Page – Your page to display search results – more info
  • 404 Page – Your pages that is displayed when the content can not be found – more info
  • Location Term – Your individual country or location pages – more info
  • Location term report – Your individual reports for location term – more info
  • Attachment PDF – The page that displays a PDF report in a page – more info
  • Author template – https://wordpresstheme.amnesty.org/the-theme/templates/author-template/

Templates that require the petition plugin

  • Petition Index – Your home page for petitions – more info
  • Petition Single – Your individual petition page – more info

Templates generated by installing supported plugins