Many of the taxonomies have to be enabled at the network admin level.

By default the theme enables filtering by categories, however if you are using our custom taxonomies you can enable the theme to filter by our custom taxonomies and terms. See News/blog index and search results page templates. Also many of the blocks can also be filtered by these terms see Post List Grid.

Note: When you enable this filtering your default category now becomes “Content Type”. This can be problematic for sections or users who already have data saved into a category. You should speak with your development partners to see if its best to convert/move/map your taxonomies ie map/move from one taxonomies to another or to build something into your child theme to handle this.

The UI will then change (from 1.9.*) the news/blog index page.

The UI will also change on the Search Results pages

You will then be able to see and edit these taxonomies and terms.

An you will be able to assign these taxonomies and terms to content.

There are some additional settings in permalinks, these settings can have very bad consequences so prob best not to use unless you really know what you are doing. Speak to your development partner before touching these settings.

It is worth also noting that when using the location taxonomy you can also use the templates that have been built for these pages, more information on this feature can be found here -> Location Feature. Also there is a template for the Content Type archive pages, more info can be seen here -> Content Type.