What is a ‘press release plus’?

Sometimes, we can find ourselves publishing multiple web pages or posts for a single report or campaign launch. We found that the multi-page launch was inefficient since the pages would be competing for the same organic search keywords and paid ad budget. The traffic would be split between several pages. More pages did not mean more overall views for your launch.

However, sometimes we want to do more than a simple, text-based press release post for a launch. If this is the case, you may consider creating a ‘press release plus’.

In WordPress, we can be quite flexible about the types of content we add to a news post, besides the text. We can add videos, images, embedded maps and charts. We can also change the page design to remove the sidebar and take advantage of the full-width of the page.

Examples of press release plusses:

What makes a good ‘press release plus’?

  • Works well on mobile.
  • Clean, accessible design.
  • Any additional visual assets should support the message of the piece.

Post settings

Add post title, tags and featured image

The first few steps of a press release plus are the same as a normal news post:

  • Create a new post
  • Add post title
  • Tag with:
    • Content type: News
    • Country, sub-region and region tags
    • Resource type: Press release
    • 2 or 3 Topic tags
  • Add featured image

Remove the sidebar and hide featured image

Go to the appearance settings.

  1. Within the Sidebar options, select maximize content.
  2. Within the Post Options, select ‘hide featured image’.


There are two main blocks that you will need to create the basic layout for your press release plus: the header block and the columns block.


  • Click on the Block Inserter (+), or type /Header in a new paragraph and press enter.
  • Insert your title, keep it short
  • Add a subtitle
  • Insert button text and link for your call to action. For example:
    • Take Action for a petition link
    • Read the report for a document link 


  • Click on the Block Inserter (+), or type /columns in a new paragraph and press enter.
  • Select 66/33.
  • Use the left-hand column for your text.

This allows you to enter the press release copy in a readable column on the left of the page, gives you the flexibility to add more content to the right-hand ‘sidebar’ area.

Add images

Now you can add images alongside the text by adding image block into the second column:

  • Add an image block
  • Click on the image block
  • Select media library
  • Choose your image
  • Make sure copyright credit (description) and alt text fields are filled.
  • Edit image caption

Other useful blocks

Press Release Plus checklist

Finally, once you are happy with your page design, make sure you’ve remembered the following:

  • All images must have alt text and copyright.
  • Social title and description need to be added using Yoast.
  • Make sure you’ve planned ahead for any translations.