The Links with Icons block can be used to display several calls to action or options that your user can choose to click on. This block is also a great way to highlight facts and statistics. There are a variety of block settings you can use to adapt the block for your content.

Example from the home page on amnesty.org.
Example from the Death Penalty Page on amnesty.org.

Adding a Links with Icons Block

To add a Links with Icons Block, click on the Block Inserter (+). Alternatively, you can type /Links with Icons in a new paragraph and press enter.

Get detailed instructions on adding blocks.

Links with Icons Group Block Settings

The Links with Icons Block is a group block. There are some settings that you can adjust to change the styling for the whole group and some that you adjust in each block individually.


There are two styles to choose from, default and square:

Default Style
Square Style


This allows you to select the number of items you want in your group. The minimum is 1 and the maximum is 24.


You can choose to align your Links with Icons block horizontally or vertically. Horizontal Links with Icons blocks will be arranged in rows and vertical Links with Icons blocks will be arranged in a single column.

Background Colour

The Links with Icons Block can have either no background or a grey background.

Hide Lines

By default, the Links with Icons block has a line in between each item. These can be hidden by switching the Hide Lines setting on.

Divider Style

The divider style can also be changed to one of three styles:

  1. None
  2. Arrow
  3. Ampersand

Links with Icons individual block Settings


This setting selects the type of content you will use in the middle of the Link with Icon. There are three options:

1. Use image – this is mostly used with icons. Once selected, you will be able to add an image, change the icon size, switch the position of the icon and hide the image credit.

2. Use text – mostly used showcase facts and statistics. Once selected, you will be able to add an underline and adjust the font size.

3. Plain – this removes the image/text.

Display Action

By default, each Link with Icon will have a button. However, you can choose to remove the button, by de-selecting the display action check box.

Button Style

You can choose from one of the standard three button styles:

  1. Primary (Yellow)
  2. Dark
  3. Light
Button style

Links with Icons Block Demonstration

Some various Links with Icons Block configurations are shown below:

Diamond sifting boxes on sale in Berberati, Central African Republic (CAR). Despite the suspension of the CAR from the Kimberley Process (the inter-governmental scheme set up to certify diamonds as conflict-free) in May 2013, the internal diamond trade in CAR has continued.
On the morning of 8 June, a Saudi-led coalition forces airstrike on a farm in Beni Ma’ath, a rural area north-west of Sa’da city, killed three children and two pregnant women, as well as injuring two children and a 61-year-old man from the Halhal family. Pictured on right is Ammar Mohammed Halhal, a 28-year-old farmer and father of four who survived the attack, but lost his pregnant wife and his daughter. He is holding fragments from the bomb found on site. On the left is his father, Mohammed, who sustained multiple injuries to his back, neck and arms, said:
Title 1
Sub text 1
Link 1
Title 2
Sub test 2
Link 2
Title 3
Sub text 3
Link 3
Body text
Fact here massive
Body text