Sometimes it may be useful to create rich content on a third-party system and embed it into a page on WordPress. We tend to use this option when we want to display maps, graphs and charts or videos in a page.

We encourage using the available Gutenberg blocks where possible. For example, using the slider block to create a gallery of images, using the links with icons group block to display facts and figures, using the file block to embed pdfs. If you have an idea that you are not sure how to execute in the WordPress editor, please get in touch with the Digital Content Coordinator to discuss.

To keep our site safe, we have restricted third-party content systems to the following list. Content from these providers can be embedded into a page using the responsive iframe block.

Please note: content created on third party systems should always be created using Amnesty International licenses / accounts so that we have control over the content that is displayed on our site. For example, YouTube videos should only be embedded from Amnesty YouTube channels.

For Videos:

  • YouTube
  • Vimeo
  • Facebook

For charts and graphs:

For maps:  

For 3D Models:

To embed a podcast player:

Other allowed third-party systems:

  • Engaging Networks
  • Holoscribe
  • Sutori

To add a new third-party content system to the allowed list, please get in touch with the Web Ops team [email protected] outlining what the proposed tool offers that is not achievable with the existing approved tools.