The Blockquote Block is often used in News posts to highlight the most important or impactful quotes to your reader. They are a great way of creating a visual break in longer posts and drawing the reader’s eye down the page.

Adding a Blockquote Block

To add a Blockquote, click on the Block Inserter (+). Alternatively, you can type /Blockquote in a new paragraph and press enter.

Get detailed instructions on adding blocks.

Blockquote Block Settings

Once the block has been added to the page you can insert your quote text and your citation (the person to whom the quote is attributed). The Blockquote Block has the following adjustable settings:


You can select from three alignment options:

  1. Left
  2. Default
  3. Right


You can adjust the size and spacing of the text in the Blockquote, by selecting from three different size options:

  1. Small
  2. Medium
  3. Large

Text Colour

Text colour can be adjusted to ensure visibility and readability of the quote, if it is being used on a coloured background, for example. Three text colours are available:

  1. Black
  2. Grey
  3. White


For added emphasis, you can capitalise the quote text, using the toggle. This does not affect the Citation text.


The BlockQuote block is styled with a thick line beneath it (this appears to the left or right of the quote when the alignment is changed). This can be removed and added using the Line toggle.

Blockquote Block Demonstration

This screen recording demonstrates how to insert a Blockquote Block and adjust the styling using the Block settings:

Some various Blockquote configurations are shown below. 

Default, large


Default, medium, Capitalized 


Default, small, no line


Left, large


Left, medium, capitalized 


Left, small, has no line.


Right, Large


Right, medium, capitalized


Right, small, has no line