Self Hosted

We offer no monotoring

IS Web Ops hosted

We are currently using New Relic for monitoring. In the future, we will be expanding our monitoring capabilities by leveraging additional tooling.

External Up-time Monitoring

We use Status Cake up-time monitoring on all WPEngine sites and it is part of our on-boarding process.

We monitor the SSO XML file change using see SSO

Infrastructure (New Relic)

New Relic is a performance monitoring tool that can report upon and generate alerts for server resource utilisation, request performance, and error rates. Finalised alerting processes are not currently in place, and are currently being discussed, but will likely involve alerting relevant contacts within the IS Web Ops, as well as member(s) of the external development team.

Platform Operability (Bugsnag)

Whilst not currently deployed across all of the IS hosted websites, Bugsnag is an optional but highly recommended monitoring tool for sites hosted by the IS.

Bugsnag is a tool which can monitor WordPress, the Amnesty WP Theme, and WP Plugins for PHP errors. PHP errors can range from simple Notices which indicate potential performance bottlenecks or minor bugs, to Fatal Errors, which can result in outages. Included with each error report is a lot of useful information the developers can use to diagnose and triage issues both proactively and reactively.

Platform Interactivity (Bugsnag JS TBC)

JavaScript error reporting is TBC dependent on #262; it is possible that Bugsnag JS will be leveraged.

Bugsnag JS performs a similar role to Bugsnag itself, but from a website interactivity perspective. It can report on JavaScript errors, which is especially useful for diagnosing and triaging issues relating to Amnesty Gutenberg blocks, and user-facing portions of the site that rely upon JavaScript. As more and more JavaScript will be added to the Theme as part of the project, a decision on whether Bugsnag JS or another tool will be used is forthcoming.

However, since the implementation of a JavaScript monitoring tool is more likely to be an “under-the-hood” change, a roll-out date can not yet be set.

TBC – Dependent on #263 and decision of hosting provider. It is likely that the tools implemented for IS-hosted websites will be leveraged for the project.