Launching sites

Audience: Web Ops Team and Web Working Group Members.

What: A guide for how we get sites live.

If the site is an IS web ops hosted site we will create an on-boarding ticket, this template ticket contains an evolving list of checks.

If IS web Ops hosted

We work on launching a site once the site is mostly ready to go live and the decision maker on the launch has agreed to the sprint, we require the launch decision maker to be on the calls during the dedicated sprint.

  1. User notifies Web Ops of potential go live date
  2. Web Ops plan a sprint for on boarding the site
  3. User agrees to date
  4. User added to daily stand up, sprint planning with the goal to get the site live
  5. Site is live at the end of the sprint

If self hosted

  1. Webops to send WPEngine dump of database and files to user
  2. Webops to decomissing WPEngine install
  3. Websops checks user understands that support stops

Requesting DNS help

We need to make sure we have the ability to put the website live, this means asking IT for DNS support, we generally ask the following.

“We intend on putting live traffic for domainame.tld to our WPEngine environment would it be possible to first confirm you control this domain name, and that the TTL for www.domainame.tld are sufficiently low for when we do the switch. When we are ready to go live we will update this ticket with the WPEngine GES CName, Thanks”.

Something similar should be arranged with a section and their IT for launching a section site where the DNS is managed by the section or their provider.

This tool can be used to help check who registered a domain

Post live checking tools

This tool can be used to check DNS propagation