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When was Amnesty International founded?

Amnesty International staff stand in Solidarity with Idil Eser, Taner Kiliç, and other activists detained in Turkey. London, England, 18 July, 2017.
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How many articles are in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights?

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What year did Amnesty International first publish its death penalty report?

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On Friday 9 January 2015, Raif received the first 50 of 1,000 painful lashes. An eyewitness said that “he was silent, but you could tell that he was in real pain”. Raif is now due to more.

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LWM 2016 - AI Netherlands. Letter Writing Marathon at the Dutch Office Amnesty International The Netherlands Amsterdam. Every December, to mark International Human Rights Day, hundreds of thousands of people around the globe take part in the world’s largest human rights event: Write for Rights.