News Index (Blog Index)

The News Index template is used to house all News content types and give the user the ability to filter between:

  • Content types
  • Countries
  • Resource Types
  • Topics

Post selected as sticky will be stuck at the the top of this page.

It also gives the user the ability to sort by:

  • Most Recent
  • Oldest First
  • Title – Ascending
  • Title – Descending

There is a new Network Setting which allows you to choose what filters you want to appear on the index pages, you can choose between:

  • Categories
  • Taxonomies & Terms

Selecting Categories will look like this:

Selecting Taxonomies & Terms will look like this:

Adding content to the News Index template

To add content to the News Index template, you will need to:

  • Go to Posts > Content Types
  • Click on the relevant content type (News)
  • Add a Description

When you view the page, you should see your description pulled through:

My Filters Setting

There is also a setting you can turn on in Theme Options to display a list of the user’s selected filters on the News Index. If this is turned on, the selected filters will be visible to the user along with a Clear All button.

The front-end experience will look like this: