WordPress Multi Site Network

How to set up another language for your site

Languages are managed by WP multi-site functionality, for each new language variation you can create a new site. This requires network administrator privileges “super admin”.

How to enable L2R or R2L

This should work once you have selected a R2L language in the , if not please let us know.


How to create Href Lang links to your other sites pages 

To create relationships between languages you will need to use MLP

How to set your CMS language 

You may be an English language speaker working on a non English site, and you may require the CMS to be set to English but the site to be set to another language, you can do this by setting your language preference in the profile settings within the CMS. 

How to set the primary language

The primary language does not have a sub folder URL structure. 

For example, say a site has three languages English (set to primary), French, German—if the user visits:- domain.tld => the selector will be set to English- domain.tld/fr => the selector will be set to French- domain.tld/de => the selector will be set to German. So there’s no initial language, per se, as each language is equivalent to an individual site.