Multisite Global Media Plugin

The Amnesty theme uses the Multisite Global Media plugin to support sharing media between sites within the same multisite environment. For example and it’s available language sites (ES, FR, AR).

The plugin works in a simple way to keep the core functionality of WordPress:

  • You nominate a site in the network to be the ‘sharing’ library
  • You add all of the media to the standard library of that subsite and then it becomes available in a new tab in the Media Library called ‘Global’, which is where you can access it from the other subsites

For reference, the alt text and captions for images can be added in the media library (see the different tab below) on the English site and then overridden at block level on the other language sites:

Global Media

When you insert an image from the Media Library, into another language version of the site (which is not English), you can then override the alt text & caption, at block level:

Global Media

The original caption for the en site will remain under the image in the editor, so you have it for reference for the sidebar override.