Petitions Salesforce Adapter


This is a companion plugin for the primary Amnesty Petitions plugin, which adds support for submitting petition signatory data directly to Salesforce via their HTTP REST API, rather than(or in addition to) storing it within the WP database.

This plugin is dependent on the Salesforce Connector plugin.


Once activated, this plugin adds a settings page below the primary Salesforce Settings page in Network Admin. If you haven’t configured the Salesforce Connector plugin, do that first.

Once setup has been completed, you’ll start seeing data within Salesforce as soon as your users start submitting petition signatures. By default, the plugin creates a new Campaign in Salesforce for each petition. Each signatory is created or updated as a Contact, and the Contacts are added as Campaign Members on the appropriate petition.

To configure alternative objects, choose the “Customise” option in the settings.

Four sections will become visible, which control each of the different aspects of the data that can be recorded. Each section has some contextual information which should clarify the different options available. Select which Salesforce Object types each of the data types should be saved as, and the appropriate fields. The plugin will handle the rest.