Donations Salesforce Adapter plugin


This is a companion plugin for the primary Amnesty Donations plugin, which adds support for submitting donation data directly to Salesforce via their HTTP REST API, in addition to storing it within the WP database.

This plugin is dependent on the Salesforce Connector plugin.


Once activated, this plugin adds a settings page below the primary Salesforce Settings page in Network Admin. If you haven’t configured the Salesforce Connector plugin, do that first.

The only configuration set up by default by the plugin is for Donor information; you need to tell the plugin how to handle how Donation transactions are stored in Salesforce, and the relationship between a Donor and a Donation. Optionally, you can modify the Donor.

For each type of data, you need to specify the Salesforce resource type (usually an Object), and how each field available may map to a field on the resource. The settings page explains how the default Donor data is mapped into a Salesforce Contact Object.

Once you have completed configuring the data mapping between WordPress and Salesforce, you’ll start to see transaction data being populated into Salesforce.

Debug logging information can be viewed in the Logs page under Salesforce Settings.